The ethics community is a platform that showcases the various ethics curricula in secondary schools across Europe.


The ethics community was initiated by Natascha Kienstra, assistant professor at Tilburg University, and Floris Velema, philosophy teacher at Wolfert Bilingual School in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This website is part of a research project with the title ‘A Community of Ethics Teachers in Europe’, which is coordinated by Tilburg University and funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.


The ethics community started out with a pilot group, consisting of teachers and researchers from Croatia, Germany, The Netherlands, Slovakia, and Slovenia. We strive to add more European ethics curricula to the platform in due course.


If you are interested in contributing to the ethics community, please get in contact with the curator of your region. For other questions, please use one of the addresses below.


The ethics community was designed by comparing the ethics curricula of the five pilot countries. We came up with a collection of keywords that categorises the curricula in a comprehensive way, while still doing justice to regional differences.

Download icons

The categories that map European ethics curricula were visualised in a collection of icons, which can be downloaded here. We hope that you’ll find new ways of incorporating these icons into your ethics classes and we’d love to hear what you’ve come up with!